Erik Bose
Here at SIATech we are mostly concerned about how the responsibilites of the conract are going to be divided and how the results of the contract are going to be used. Our thoughts are that the contract when fairly implemented can be used as an additional qualifier to School Grading or explaination based on the Mission of the school as to expempt some of the school grade. It seems as if it is now being viewed as something that completely stands alone, which means it is in addition to what is already required.
More work= less help with state requirements.
Rick Rios
With regards to the Performance Contract and Frameworks I have the following comments/questions: Page 3 and 4 titles contain the words Optional Measures..., this implies that schools have the option to use these measures, is this correct? 2A - What is the New Mexico Student Level Growth Model? 2A - What are the annual statewide targets? Where and when are they published? 2B, 2C, 2D... have percentage performance targets -- Are these targets negotiable?
Rick Rios
Performance Contract: section 5.02 Annual Performance Targets What is difference between the annual performance targets stated in the contract versus the annual "statewide" targets stated in the performance framework 2A? It appears that we have mandated state targets (growth model) and negotiated authorizer/school targets.
Rick Rios
Please define and provide examples to the term: Material Term
Rick Rios
Performance Contract: Section 4.05 Process for Oversight Has a timeframe been established with regards to publishing the authorizer criteria for oversight? How will Local Authorizers (districts) handle this requirement, i.e., will the timeframe be different, templates, etc? Will there a training/certification requirement for the assessors to have inplace before the assessment?
Caryl Thomas
Most of the specific comments below reflect my strong concern that charters are no longer supported in taking risks necesary for such innovation as methods of instruction, effectively serving concentrations of very non-traditional, at-risk, poverty, etc. students.  this reliance on school grading and the level of performance expected will push charters the same direction as traditional schools.  the grading is so dependent upon test scores, it does not in any way accurately reflect what is really being accomplished in many if not all charters.  Note that in the CCCS instructional audit response the following statement:  CCCS cannot adequately be described across the data points contributing to the school's grade.  Also, research is really beginning to show the effects of poverty on learning, for example an article in the 11/7 issue of Education Weekly which includes, ... the stress of a dysfunctional or unstable home life can poison a child's cognitive ability for a lifetime, according to new research.  I do not subscribe to the "guilt" argument that alternative goals and rates of growth for the achievement of these students is lowering of expectations or discrimination.  We cannot let ourselves be "guilted" into not addressing the real needs of the students in realistic ways.
Framework #1 - grading system.  considering a C grade to be below standard is excessive.  Suggest that grades B and C meet standard, D below and F far below...if this must be included at all!  How many chances to be "beaten up" do we in the schools need?
#2, mission-specific..must meets standard be at 100%..again that will drive us to write very safe goals and not take risks. 
Optional measures related to student achievement:  D. Comparing just grade levels is not appropriate for alternative populations, who advance erratically and for whom a grade level falls far short of offering any king of relevant comparison.  I suggest comparing similar populations in schools of similar size and demographics.
G.  post-secondary enrollment:  how is this data going to be gathered?  Will it include commercial schools, training schools, military, etc?  These are the goals for many students!
4.01(f)(i) Automatic Waivers--  it is stated that waivers can be denied, based upon what?  Is this in accordance with regulation?  What does automatic mean? 
Performance Framwork chart, p. 29:  General Annual Performance Targets:  what are these?  Setting SBA target scores?  School grading parameters?  Does this mean the targets do not mimic the state targets and measures?  Could this include the option of measuring graduation rate by 5-year or 6-year cohorts?  Or measuring Career Readiness by targets more relevant to the school and population?
9.09b. p. 53:  failed to meet ...NMPED's minimum educational standards:  what are these?  Even though there is the "or" of standards identified in the contract, I believe the NMPED min ed standards should be specified.
I appreciate the opportunity to respond and conclude with a plea to resist pushing charters into the same boxes as traditional schools.  Student success can be measured in so many ways!!!
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