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Instructional Materials Reviewed by New Mexico Educators for New Mexico Educators

HQIM Resource Manual

Research shows that access to high quality instructional materials is one way to increase student learning. Creating New Mexico's Adopted Multiple List is a way to ensure new materials are vetted by experienced educators across the state for alignment to high standards. We know that handing teachers a rigorous curriculum is not enough. Professional development should be aligned to the rigorous materials so educators can fully implement them to meet the diverse learning needs of all students while creating engaged, culturally relevant, and academically competitive learning environments.

This manual is a resource designed to walk teachers, schools and districts through the research behind high quality instructional materials, how materials are selected for adoption on the list in New Mexico, and how districts can navigate options for essential considerations and ongoing implementation.

Across New Mexico, it is critical that all students have access to High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM). In a recent state court decision, Martinez/Yazzie v. state of New Mexico, the court found that the state has not adequately invested in public education nor adopted the educational instruction and programs constitutionally required to bring equitable access for all students in New Mexico to high quality education. Part of this effort to ensure equity across our state means ensuring every classroom is equipped with high quality instructional materials and that no classroom employs a lower standard of instruction or materials.

The New Mexico Public Education Department is committed to:

  • Facilitating a rigorous and transparent review process at the state level that ensures educators and content experts identify the high-quality materials for students,
  • Ensuring districts have a menu of high quality choices for each review cycle and adoption, and
  • Providing resources on local selection, state assurances, and using these materials to see increased student learning.


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