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Instructional Materials Reviewed by New Mexico Educators for New Mexico Educators

NM Review Process

Teachers deserve high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) that generate excitement for students to learn. When they have high quality, aligned instructional materials, teachers can focus their time, energy, and creativity on bringing lessons to life and finding ways to inspire their students to thrive as learners. New Mexico is committed to making HQIM available for districts to provide teachers, so they have the support they need to make sure every student gets a great education—no matter where they begin.

Instructional materials are not just for teachers. Students deserve high quality instructional materials (HQIM) that are engaging and inclusive of the cultural diversity and perspectives of their communities. They also deserve aligned curriculum that is coherent across days, weeks, units, years and grade bands. Students desire materials that are accessible, engaging, and culturally relevant. Students are entitled to high-quality materials to use, practice, and learn from.

Our efforts are focused on ensuring every classroom is equipped with high quality instructional materials and that no classroom employs a lower standard of instruction or materials.  We are committed to facilitating a rigorous and transparent review process at the state level. 

  • Benefits of NM State review and adoption of instructional materials for districts:
    • Addresses equity, making standards aligned instructional materials available for all students.
    • Makes HQIM available at a fixed cost for 6 years, the lowest cost across the nation.  
    • Provides tools & resources to be utilized at the local level, supporting local control.
    • Provides economies of scale; it is particularly beneficial to smaller districts that may lack capacity to undertake a large scale review.
  • Benefits of NM State review and adoption of instructional materials for educators:
    • Provides educators with lists of vetted materials.
    • Provides accurate information about the alignment of content standards.
    • Enhances the expertise of those who participate in the review.