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Instructional Materials Reviewed by New Mexico Educators for New Mexico Educators

State Review & Adoption Process:


  • To implement a review process at which instructional materials submitted by publishers for adoption consideration as core are scored and ranked as core.
  • To identify HQIM that meet NM academic content standards and benchmarks and are evidence-based.
  • To post an approved and ranked list of instructional materials for districts to assist in their local adoption process and make informed purchases.

Instructional Material Rule (Revised December 2018)

  • Requires the inclusion of the review for Cultural and Linguistic Relevance.
  • Three distinct designations of materials:
    • Adopted and Recommended
    • Adopted and Recommended with Reservations
    • Not Adopted and Not Recommended
  • Allows for the review of Open Education Resources (OER) and Open Source Curriculum (OSC).
  • Core instructional materials as certified by the publisher must demonstrate to be evidence-based or they will not be reviewed and will not be adopted by the state.
Review Process Flowchart

Adoption Cycle

    • It is not a requirement to follow the adoption cycle, it is recommended in order to have access to the most current instructional materials.  Click here to find the most current adoption cycle.