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Instructional Materials Reviewed by New Mexico Educators for New Mexico Educators

Summer Review Institute:

  • The department conducts an annual summer review institute during which New Mexico educators review instructional material for alignment with state content standards and benchmarks and other relevant criteria, including those that are culturally and linguistically relevant.
  • The department's annual summer review institute serves as the primary opportunity for new instructional material to be reviewed and considered for adoption by the state.
  • Reviewers are New Mexico educators who are qualified with a Level 2 or Level 3-A license with experience in the content area being reviewed.
  • Reviewers receive training in the standards and how to utilize the review forms developed by content experts. 
  • Expertise is enhanced for those who participate in the summer review institute.  Reviewers get a sense of what the standards look like in high-quality instructional materials.   


HQIM Review Process = HQ Professional Development


Testimonials From NM Teachers Who Participated in the State Review:

“I learned a great deal, and I have grown as a teacher in this time. I am confident enough to assist my fellow teachers with items such as the practice standards and rigor. Also, I will be better able to assist my district in choosing quality materials for our next adoption." --anonymous

“I felt very fortunate to work with such knowledgeable educators. In the end, I feel they had a real sense of achievement by contributing to this noble cause. They forged real friendships and overcame obstacles through teamwork. Clearly, there was much more gained during this review than just the review process. My teams and I all grew from the growth mindset needed these last two weeks. I would be honored to be part of this team again." – Jill Hutchinson-Bass, Santa Fe Public Schools

“Thank you for the opportunity to work with such wonderful professionals. I have learned so much this summer and gained such fantastic professional development through this review process. I would love to have the opportunity to be involved in another review in the future." – Sherry Copeland, Truth or Consequences Public Schools

Please view our Reviewer Experiences video to hear more about the Summer Review Institute experience from some of our reviewers.